Flash Gordon
Chapter One: A Planet In Peril
First aired: 9/22/1979

On a vital mission to save planet earth from destruction, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov make a rocket journey to the Planet Mongo. There, frog-like gillmen save them from their crashed space ship and take them prisoner in underwater bubble craft. They, as well as Thun the lion man and Prince Barin of Arboria, escape the gillmen and flee into the wilds of Dire Marsh. After eluding the many dangers of the swamp and Princess Aura and her witch women warriors, they are captured by Emperor Ming's metalmen and taken to Mingo City. Thrown into the Palace combat arena by Ming, Flash and Thun successfully defend themselves from a huge ray-shooting, moving metal ball. This chapter concludes with Flash, Dale and Thun escaping the palace through underground caverns beneath the city.

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