Flash Gordon
Chapter Eight: The Frozen World
First aired: 11/10/1979

In Prince Barin's tree palace, Flash and his friends map plans to mount their fight against Ming the Merciless. Needing a scarce ore to power the machines to fight Ming, Flash flies to Queen Fria's province of ice and snow to search for the vital orium rocket fuel. Narrowly escaping injury from an enormous snow-dragon Flash and his party are welcomed to Frigia at gala ceremonies in the queen's glittering ice palace. Later Flash makes a friend of his enemy, Count Malo, as he saves Malo from the jaws of the giant ice worm. The chapter concludes with Flash and Queen Fria examining ways to save Dale Arden, Thun and Dr. Zarkov who have been captured by the gargantuan eight-foot giants that live in Frigia's underground caverns.

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