Flash Gordon
Chapter Ten: Blue Magic
First aired: 11/24/1979

As Flash and his party rocket through the Mongo countryside enroute to Arboria they see that Ming's metalmen are following in a ray-emitting rocket train. Flash avoids capture by detouring his rocket train into the forbidden country of Syk. There, Azura, Witch Queen of Syk, saves Flash's party from the dreaded blue fire worm as she believes Flash is Gor Daahn, former Lord of Syk. The high wizard of Syk, Tahl, takes the intruders aboard his flying carpet to the throne of Queen Azura, who erases Flash's memory and installs in flash the memory of Syk's long-departed former ruler, Gor Daahn, who Flash resembles. This chapter ends with battle preparations of Syk's warriors and the smaller forces of Prince Barin and Vultan who are trying to rescue Flash and his party from Azura, the Witch Queen of Syk.

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