Flash Gordon
Chapter Eleven: King Flash
First aired: 12/1/1979

Flash, his memory erased, and Queen Azura board a great war chariot, drawn by two fierce dragon-like creatures, to lead the army of three-taloned, purple robed witch men into battle against Prince Barin's green-clad forest hunters and King Vultan's winged hawkmen. The witchmen crush the opposing forces and take Prince Barin and Vultan prisoner. Zarkov's scientific wizardry frustrates Queen Azura's plan to keep Flash under her spell as Gor Daahn as he restores Flash's memory. Azura's anger knows no bounds as she unleashes the monstrous fire king, talors, to stop Flash from fleeing her kingdom. With the help of one of Zarkov's wondrous ray weapons, Flash overpowers talors and escapes. As he departs Syk he is surrounded once again by Ming's forces and as the chapter closes Flash hears Ming warn him of this being their last meeting.

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