Flash Gordon
Chapter Twelve: Tournament of Death
First aired: 12/8/1979

Recaptured by Ming's evil forces, Flash and his friends are chained to the combat arena in preparation for Emperor Ming's tournament of death games from which there will be but one winner. The winner will be given his freedom and the choice of any woman in Ming's kingdom. Feigning illness, Flash gains his and his party's freedom and they flee through a secret palace tunnel. Outwitting the tunnel's three giant drok dragons, Flash, Dale and Zarkov's dash for freedom is shortlived as they crash crossing the cavern of fire. They are captured by the metalmen and returned to the palace where Flash, together with lion men, hawkmen, lizardmen and iceland giants are pitted against Mongo's most horrible monsters. Flash's strength and agility overcome the monsters and he and a masked forestman (resembling Prince Barin) are the two survivors of the war games. As the chapter ends Ming announces the one who survives the green flame will be declared winner of the tournament of death.

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