Flash Gordon
Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk
First aired: 12/22/1979

In Prince Garin's treetop palace in Arboria, he, Princess Aura, Thun and Vultan discuss how to find the missing Flash Gordon. Flash and his party continue to flee from the traitorous Braznor who has seized control of Tropica from Queen Desira. With capture imminent, the party flees into the desert of fire where they are saved from a fire dragon by Gundar the desert hawk, Lord of the Fire Lands. Brazor's laser-firing armored tanks penetrate Gundar's mountain fortress and capture Flash and his friends. Vultan and Prince Garin's forces soundly de-feat Braznor and restore Queen Desira to her throne. The chapter ends with Barin, Vultan, Thun, Desira and Gundar pledging their forces to fight the battle to free Mongo from Ming's tyrannical clutches.

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