Flash Gordon
Chapter Fifteen: Revolt of the Power Men
First aired: 12/29/1979

At a strategy meeting in Tropica, Flash and his friends plan to recapture Vultan's mile high Sky City now under control of Ming's robot guards. Flash and Thun return to Mongo City where they team up with Ergon, Leader of the Power Men. Ming dispatches his trusty aide Urzeen to Tropica to capture Dale and bring her back for his bride. Flash and his party stow away on a supply rocket ship to sky city where they immobilize Ming's energy shield that protects sky city. Vultan and his winged warriors and Prince Barin and his forestmen attack and recapture Sky City. It takes the verve of Flash and the genius of Ergon to re-connect the faulty anti-gravity beams, saving the falling city just before it slams into the ground. With Sky City secure, Flash hastens to Mongo City to free Dale from Ming. As the chapter ends Flash unexpectedly meets Ming, who freezes Flash into a solid mass of ice crystals.

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