Flash Gordon
Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle
First aired: 1/5/1980

At Mongo City, Emperor Ming shows Dale Arden the frozen form of Flash Gordon and Dale agrees to marry Ming if he will free Flash. In the meantime Zarkov and Ergon work feverishly to repair the energy shield to protect Sky City from an impending attack by Ming's robot sky forces. Princess Aura frees Flash from his ice prison and the two, with the help of Queen Undina of Coralia, blast their way into the central control area of Mingo City's defense system. Vultan and Sarin's men ultimately repel Ming's full-scale rocket attack on sky city and proceed to occupy Mongo City. Flash bursts into the wedding ceremony of Ming and Dale and after an exciting sword fight, Flash forces Ming to flee in his rocketship. Prince Barin proclaims himself as regent of Mongo and the people rejoice.in their new-found freedom. The chapter ends with Flash and Dale planning exploratory visits to other parts of Mongo and the eerie, sardonic laughter of Ming emanating from out space.

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