Flash Gordon
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  The Planet Mongo

Mongo is approximately one half the diameter of Earth but has a gravitational density that is only slightly less. It is a relatively young world with towering mountains not yet worn smooth by time and many areas of volcanic activity. Its vegetation is still limited to isolated areas of botanical giants.

Biologically it is still in the era of reptilian giants. Man evolved fast into diverse races. Many of which possess amazingly advanced Technology while others still live in primative and unexplored regions.

The world of Mongo is a treasure chest of wonders and dangers both dazzling and exciting. It is a world where anything that can be imagined could actually happen.

For a larger more detailed map of mongo follow this link.

Mingo City -- Capital of the planet Mongo, named after Emperor Ming, is a futuristic city one might expect to find in the 25th Century. It is a modern metropolis carved out of the primitive landscape the surrounds it. From his golden palace in Mingo City, Ming the Merciless rules Mongo with an iron grip of terror, keeping it's various races in perpetual warfare with one another. It's beautiful exterior hides an ugly secret, an inner city slum were Ming keeps his ragged hopeless subjects in virtual slavery.

Arboria -- The Forest Kingdom ruled by Prince Barin, here the Tree People make their homes among the branches of the giant living trees. Arboria is the base of the rebellion against Ming and here Prince Barin and his wife Princess Aura, who defied her father to help the rebels, rule an environmental paradise.

Sky City of the Hawkmen -- Rises above the clouds on great anti-gravity beams powered by the great radium furnaces. A futuristic city of unsurpassed splendor, it is the home of King Vultan and his race of Hawkpeople. Originally destroyed by Ming in order to punish Vultan and his people for joining Flash Gordon's rebellion, Sky City has since been rebuilt, more splendid and beautiful than it ever was before.

Frigia -- The ice kingdom of the far north polar region of Mongo is connected to Mingo City by the great Rocket Railroad. Here, Queen Fria and her consort Ronal (who just happens to be Prince Barin's cousin), rule a landscape of ice palaces and eternal winter, where snow beasts of several varieties prey upon the unwary.

Coralia -- An undersea civilization where Undina is queen. It is a place not unlike our own images of the Lost City of Atlantis. The people here are true sea beings who cannot breathe the air above.

The Land of the Lion Men -- Ruled by Prince Thun's father King Jugrid, it is a land of harsh desert and rock where only feirce warriors such as the Lion People can survive.

The Cave World of Kira -- An undergound land of majestic caverns, it given to Flash to rule after he originally won the Tournaments of Mongo. It is a place of strange creatures and primative people who seldom venture into the light of the surface world.

Tropica -- A jungle land with an incredible array of botanical wonders, some of which are as deadly as they are beautiful. It is the kingdom of Queen Desira. It was here that Flash crash landed on his second trip to Mongo. In the eastern desert lies the fortress of the desert bandit Gundar, also known as The Desert Hawk.